MyPay Coin

1 Coin = Re. 1

Users earn coins for each transaction as a reward

Coins can be used for utility payments in defined ratio

Thus, every coin is as good as a rupee

What is MyPay Coin?

MyPay Coins is the first of its kind rewards system as part of the MyPay Loyalty Program that can be used to pay utilities and purchase commodities as well. MyPay has recently launched MyPay Coin, whose value is Re. 1 per coin and it is as good as money.

You will earn certain coins as you perform different transactions and the same can be used for payment of utilities as well. Thus, we can conclude that 1 Coin = Re. 1

Earning MyPay Coins

You will earn MyPay Coin on every MyPay transaction performed on MyPay App. Coins will be credited at a predefined rate. You can check earning rates for MyPay Coins at

For example: If you recharge a top-up of 1,000, you will receive a total 4% refund i.e. Rs. 40. You will receive 2% of that as an immediate cashback (Rs. 20) and 2% as MyPay coins. (20 coins). The value of each coin is Re. 1 that you may spend in your future transaction.

Using MyPay Coins

MyPay Coins earned are as good as money and you can use the same in the future for bill payments. These coins can be used in the defined proportion of the bill amount.

Example: You have to pay a Vianet bill payment of Rs 1,000. You’ll get three options to pay

  1. Wallet balance
  2. Link bank account 
  3. Wallet Balance and MyPay Coins

If you select the third option, your transaction will be for a wallet balance of Rs. 980 + Rs. 20 MyPay coins.

Expiry of MyPay Coins

MyPay Coins will expire every quarter based on Georgian calendar. Every year that is four quarters. 

1st Quarter: January – March

2nd Quarter: April – June

3rd Quarter: July – September

4th Quarter: October- December

You will receive 15 days prior notice before your coin accumulates; the MyPay coin must be used and consumed within the allotted 15 days.

Other Conditions:

  • MyPay Coins can be earned by every individual. However, to redeem same, user must be KYC verified.
  • MyPay coins are non-transferable. Any wrongful transfer of MyPay Coins shall be void ab initio.
  • MyPay Coins cannot be converted to cash under any circumstance.
  • MyPay reserves right to set rate of earning and usage of MyPay coin percentages for different transactions.
  • In case of any dispute or difference arising concerning MyPay Coins or any alleged defect or deficiency of service availed, the decision of MyPay shall be final and binding.

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